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Condolences for
Kenneth Keene Sr.

Sunday, May 17th | Comment by: Sabrina Gross

Dear Family, I have followed along the journey via internet. Thank you for sharing your courage, love, trials and tears with me. I’m praying on my knees for you and yours to have peace and healing in your hearts. There is never, no matter how prepared, an easy way to say goodbye for now to those you love. God bless you.

Monday, May 18th | Comment by: Jeanne Keene

You have been in my life since we were 12. We had good times as kids .As we got older, and went our different ways we eventually became family. You were my favorite brother-in-law. You will always be in our hearts, never forgotten.

Monday, May 18th | Comment by: John Keene

We had some really great times growing up. Since there was only 1 year between us, we did everything together. There was never enough time in a day for us to do everything we wanted to do. We played every kind of ball we could think of, half ball, step ball, wall ball, hand ball and baseball. I remember when Mom use to make us a lunch to take to Fern Hill park when we were going to play baseball. We also played football in the winter and went sledding in the snow down dead mans hill. We had a great childhood. When the time came that I was being drafted into the Army, you went down to the draft board and pushed up your draft so that we would go into the Army together. Through basic training you slept in the bottom bunk and I slept in the top bunk. After basic training the Army sent us in different directions but when we returned we stayed close. We played many games of pool, horseshoes and golf. These are just a few of the memories we shared together. We were the best of brothers. Love you.

Friday, May 22nd | Comment by: Kelly Gilleo

Such a sad way to lose you, and at a time when we can't all be together to grieve for you as a family. Aunt Linda, Kenny, Brian, and Shaun, I am so sorry that you are going through this pain. Know that we are all there for you in spirit and send our love to you.

Saturday, May 23rd | Comment by: Dana Keene

Linda, Ken Jr., Brian, and Shawn: I am so sorry for your loss. Remember the good times. He would have wanted that. I hope you all find peace.

Wednesday, May 27th | Comment by: Dean Davidson

Ken jr. I'm sending you much love, strength and prayers to you. I am so very sorry for your loss.
Dean Davidson

Friday, June 12th | Comment by: Jim McAllister

I’m so sorry for your loss of Kenny. Being together for so long you become one then all of a sudden life changes but rely on the Lord, family and friends for support and strength. A friend supplied these same words to me when I lost my bride of 45 years in 2018.
I knew Kenny for many years at Peco, first at Berwyn then Luzerne SB Until I retired. I worked in the auto shop, so we worked pretty close when his vehicle had issues. He was always upbeat and smiling no matter what was going on, and had some interesting stories. We usually shared stories of the “good old days” at Peco when things weren’t so difficult.
I watched the picture video and saw so many happy times, those are the times to remember. Again I’m so sorry for your loss, Kenny will surely be missed.

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