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Cremation Questions

When considering cremation, it is important that you are well informed regarding the cremation process so that your wishes and concerns are adequately represented. Not all funeral homes or crematories operate the same way, so make sure you get clear answers to your questions once you are ready to discuss cremation services.

Questions to ask when considering cremation

Who owns the crematory?
We own and operate our own crematory at our Richboro location.

Where will my loved one be taken once they are in the care of the funeral home? Because we own and operate our own crematory, your family member remains with us until all of the necessary authorizations and permits have been obtained.  Then they are transported directly to our crematory located on the grounds of our Richboro facility, and received by our crematory operator, never leaving our care.

How do I know that the cremation will be done responsibly?
We built our own crematory for the explicit purpose of maintaining our high level of service throughout the cremation process. Our cremation specialists have been trained and certified through the Cremation Association of North America. Furthermore, we have developed a rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of quality and minimize the potential for human error.

How much time does it take to complete the cremation process?
There are several factors that dictate when a cremation can occur. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires a minimum 24-hour waiting period before any cremation can commence. Additionally, some counties require us to coordinate with their County Coroner and obtain a permit before cremation. Once the waiting period and permits have been satisfied, we can begin the cremation, which can take approximately 4 hours.


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